How Does Property Management Work?

Yes, all of our tenants pay directly through their online portal in our software, Appfolio.
Landlords get paid monthly by direct deposit through our software, Appfolio.
Yes, tenants submit their requests directly through their portal in our software, Appfolio, and we handle them directly.
Yes, we have an in-house maintenance company available to handle tenant requests. If the request is small enough, it is simply handled. If it’s more in-depth, then the landlord is consulted to make the decision.
Yes, we have a team of experienced professionals that handle the leasing element and work diligently to ensure top dollar rents.
Yes, our software allows us to conduct full background, credit, and history checks to ensure you are getting qualified candidates.
Yes, we provide landlords with a monthly owner statement for review each month.
Yes, landlords will have their own portals within the software that provide lots of cool features, and an overall snapshot of their property.
Yes, accounting is handled through the software and a 1099 will be produced each year
Yes, we handle drafting and executing all paperwork between tenant and landlord.

Questions about Management?

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